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Janine Doggett

Janine Doggett


I’m a freelance writer with a teeny tiny obsession with cycling and triathlon.

Freedom! I firmly believe that swimming, cycling and running are life-changing sports for all the right reasons. Especially for women.

I’ve worked in marketing for 15 years, but my love affair with writing started long before that, in the ‘Dear diary’ days. The big break? That came from a big break-up – with a job that was making me sad. Sometimes you’ve just gotta dream big and do it.

If you’re in the health and fitness or sports industry, I can write words for you. Think websites, blogs, emails, articles, press releases, social posts and super-duper-creative campaign concepts.

I always get really nice feedback on my writing, and I’ve been published lots of times. But, importantly, I live and breathe what I write about. I’m an Ironman certified coach, multi-marathoner and just finished cycling 1000 miles across the UK on my own, which I highly recommend!