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Jodie Curley

Jodie Curley

I’m Jodie Curley, Business Manager for Studio Cotton, I fine-tune our processes, organise Aime’s big ideas and help make them happen.

I also run my own illustration business in Bristol, Sunshine for Breakfast. I’m on a mission to brighten anyone’s day with my nature-inspired designs, created to bring a smile. As the Bristol Etsy Team Co-Captain, I’m well connected with lots of wonderful small creative businesses in Bristol too.

Since graduating from Leeds College of Art I’ve worked in marketing and project management roles for corporate, charity and performing arts organisations. I’d always be the one to challenge systems and the way things work, determined to design the most efficient way of working.

Ultimately, I enjoy solving problems and helping people to be their best. Whether that’s fixing up a spreadsheet to make a system that saves someone tonnes of time, or talking through an epic new idea until it’s a realistic and achievable project plan. Running my own business also means I understand profit margins, budgeting and making the most of your finite time.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to make an idea really work, or you’re convinced there’s an easier way of doing something, I’m the one people often come to for a solution.

I like to take a different point of view, ask challenging questions and create practical, realistic plans, which means people get the most out of me and I get people to make the most out of themselves. I want to help people save time, money and energy for what they do best!