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Hey kitty girls (and guys). I love to write because I’m selfish, I find it fun but I guess it’s also a great way to help more great entrepreneurs to improve their own brand and marketing.

I want to write about you and your business, so here’s your chance to Ask Aime Anything. Send us a specific questions about your brand, website or marketing and I’ll give you an in-depth answer that is specific to you.

Ok ok, if I’ve already covered your question in a blog post I’ll probably send you that way or suggest a more specific problem that might be the root of your challenge.

I write 1-2 blog posts a week so there may be a little backlog, but don’t worry – I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Need some AAA question inspo?

Here’s some examples of great questions:

  • How can I make my website home page better?
  • Why doesn’t my website show up on Google?
  • Should I use PayPal or Stripe?

And here’s some things I cannot help you with:

  • Why doesn’t my cat love me back?
  • Where do cool people hang out?
  • How do I market my brand on Twitter? Don’t. I hate Twitter.

Go ahead, I’m waiting

…not in a creepy way

Whachu waiting for?

Look at your watch now, you’re still a super hot female (or male). Anyway, complete this here form to submit your question.

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AAA Terms & Condish

What up. It’s totally awesome that you want to Ask Aime Anything but here’s the deal. By sending your question, you agree to allow Aime/Studio Cotton to publish the answer publicly via the Studio Cotton website and external blogging platforms, such as medium.com.

Aime will use specific examples from your brand, including screenshots and photographs where relevant.

You also agree to allow your question and Aime’s answer to be promoted via social media. You will be credited in the answer, which could be nice for your SEO, and it will be very nice for ours too. Win, win.

That’s it I guess, I’ve never written terms and conditions before. Ummm, if you’ve read this far you also agree to buy Aime a burrito. Ok ok I’ll let you off that last one.