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Our limited blog series in partnership with Bristol lifestyle & product photographer, Weronika Karczewska.

What's it all about then

Helping you take better pics

We want to write about product photography, and we want help small businesses take better pics so they can sell more lovely stuff.

So, in partnership with our wonderful photographer Weronika Karczewska, we’ve created the Before & After Limited Series.

Penny Spooner makeover before and after bowl spoon product red blue brown by Studio Cotton
Forest and Sage Candle angled view lavender and sweet orange candle by Studio Cotton

Every other month we invite UK indie brands to submit a product or lifestyle shot they’ve taken for their business, for use on their website, Etsy shop or social media accounts.

We’ll then pick a small selection for a product photography makeover. Weronika will re-style, re-shoot and re-process the image from her photography studio.

Then we pop together a new blog on the changes we made, and why we made them, to help all small business owners tweak their skills.

Carissa Tanton angled view of mountain art and frame by Studio Cotton
Get involved

Fancy contributing?

Not only will you get some super helpful photography advice, but you’ll also get a couple of professional-quality images to use however you like, and a small feature in a Studio Cotton blog.

Each Before & After shoot has a distinct theme, check out the upcoming list below and fill out the short form to apply.

Dakota Rae Dust tear drop turquoise pattern earrings by Studio Cotton

Upcoming Before & After themes

We dive into products with sensual properties that are really had to translate into ‘just’ pictures. Think scented candles, colour-matched beauty products, tasty peanut butter and the squishiest of blankets.

Deadline for applications: 7 February 2021

We’ll be honest with you; Weronika really loves an excuse to use her macro lens. We’re looking for itty bitty teeny tiny products that are a proper pain to shoot, especially in a lifestyle settings. 
Think stud earrings, miniature ceramics, buttons, and figurines. 

Aime is seriously hoping we get some dollhouse furniture, but we’re looking for anything that might get lost in a coin purse.

Application deadline: 12 May 2021

It’s summer, it’s sunny, and the world is ever so joyful. We’re looking for bright, colourful and busy products.

Items that dominate the room, but are super tricky to style without feeling like they’re just kinda ‘floating there’.

Application deadline: 8 June 2021

Boxes, packets, pouches and papers. We want to restyle shots of products in their packaging. 

Whether it’s to highlight how totes cute you deliver your products, or because you customers just need to know what they’ll receive.

We wanna turn your packaging pics into stars of the show.

Application deadline: 10 August 2021

Have you ever thrown a duvet over a dining table for a makeshift bed? Used a chopping board to convince everyone your desk is totes a kitchen counter?

We’re looking for pictures where you’ve tried to create a moment, a room, a place setting that isn’t the thing that it actually really is.

Application deadline: Setepmber 10 2021

We don’t know what this one will be – but it will be Christmassy. Check back in the Summer when we’ve hopefully had a great idea.

Application deadline TBC

Submit your shot for a makeover

Complete our short form to add your pics to our consideration list. We’ll try to get back to each applicant after the individual deadlines, so please don’t post any items to the studio unless we’ve been in touch to confirm the details.

We are totally committed to opening this opportunity up to all makers, if for any reason you’d like more information or assistance in applying, please contact our lovely team.

Before & After series

Dive into previous product photography makeovers

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Before and after graphics makeover by Studio Cotton

Before & After: Product photography makeovers from a small business photo expert

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