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Author archive for Aime Cox-Tennant

  • Sep052017

    Your website menu is all wrong. Here’s how to fix it in 3 easy steps.

    The menu on your website is probably losing you money. Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix – follow these 3 steps to create a main website menu that really works. Featuring Carly Simon.

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  • Jul252017

    A very scientific analysis of sample packs from professional printers and paper people

    Sample packs from print and paper producers reviewed by a stationery addict and brand expert.

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  • Jul242017

    DIY websites part 3: 5 easy things you can do right now to help your Google rank

    If you’ve built your own website, it can be super frustrating when it isn’t showing up when you search for…

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  • Jul192017

    Our 9 super tips for upping your business’ Instagram engagement

    Want more Instagram likes and follows? You’re gonna have to work for it. Here’s 9 tips to make Instagram growth a little easier for your indie business.

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  • Jun172017

    Marketing agencies are guff at marketing

    Marketing agencies consistently sell themselves short, just ask the dogs and suspension bridges on Instagram. Here’s why we must try harder.

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  • Jun092017

    My Dad and his Power of “No”

    Steve Cox. Business man. Philosopher. My Dad. My dad taught me to say “no”, and you should say “no” more too. For you, your business and success.

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  • Jun082017

    DIY websites part two: Why you should NOT do it yourself

    Designing a DIY website for your small business can be creative, rewarding and, well, cheap. Here’s the cons to help you decide if DIY web design is for you.

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  • Jun072017

    A super, super easy checklist for small business bloggers

    Here’s 15 snippets of super blogging advice that can immediately improve the blog posts from your small business.

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  • Jun012017

    How to work with stock photography

    A few tips and tricks to make stock photography work for your blog and website. Because although it often does, stock photography doesn’t have to suck.

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  • May312017

    3 Bristol businesses who are nailing Instagram

    Is your business looking Instagram stardom? Follow the lead of these three Bristol brands and start your social domination

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