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Author archive for Aime Cox-Tennant

  • May262017

    Should your small business have a blog?

    Probably. Committing to a blog isn’t always a simple decision. Find out if it’s right for you.

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  • Jan162017

    DIY websites part one: Why you should do it yourself

    A new series of the pluses and perils of creating your own website. We examine the benefits of DIY websites.

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  • Nov212016

    Creating a new website for Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue

    We created this rehoming charity website using WordPress and some clever WooCommerce adaptations.

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  • Nov212016

    The risks of using exclamation marks in marketing copy

    Exclamation marks are powerful tools in marketing, but are you using them to their fullest effect? Find out with examples from some of my favourite Bristol businesses.

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  • Oct202016
    Coffee shop in Bristol

    What makes a great coffee shop website, and why?

    We take a look at some of the websites from the best coffee shops in Bristol.

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  • Oct182016

    Satisfice for your small business

    Many customers choose the first product that’ll do the job. Use this to your advantage when buying and selling.

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  • Oct102016

    Why be nice to your local competitors?

    Working with other local businesses can make reaching your audience easier and cheaper.

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