Photo Blog: Georgia de Lotz visits Studio Cotton, Winter 2019

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The physical studio of Studio Cotton is a really special space in the centre of Bristol, and is the absolute core of our business.

I started my business from my living room back in 2016, where I quickly learned how to watch Judge Judy continuously for 11 hours a day by channel flipping.

When I realised that my daily JJ marathons were not a viable business strategy, I upgraded to a desk in a co-working space. 

When I realised that a co-working space that got burgled on the reg and got cleaned on the very-much-not-reg, I upgraded to a small 3-person studio above a coffee shop.

When I realised that my company was growing, I wanted our own space to run workshops, and the studio landlord had, ummm, questionable morals and business practices, I wanted to upgrade to our own office space.

It took 6 months to find the right space, 4 months to negotiate the lease, and 6 weeks to turn the third floor of 48 Corn Street into the Studio Cotton of my dreams… nearly.

After spending all of our time, creativity and energy on refurbishing the main workshop space, we decided to work with the Ikea Business Design team to finish the small side offices where we complete our day-to-day work.

An astonishingly painful 6 months later, work was finally complete, and so our phenomenal photographer, Georgia de Lotz returned for a new interior photoshoot to capture the finished space.

Date: November 2018
Photographer: Georgia de Lotz
Location: Studio Cotton, 48 Corn Street, Bristol
Client: Studio Cotton

Swipe the floor plan to see furniture

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