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5 things I’ve learnt at Studio Cotton

The first thing I’ve learnt at Studio Cotton is to have confidence in myself.

When I first arrived at Studio Cotton, I was very nervous. Every task that I was set, I felt as though I needed to make sure that I was doing the right thing by constantly asking the staff for approval. My experience at Studio Cotton taught me that I should have trust in myself. If I feel that what I’m doing is correct, then I should carry on and be instead of asking all the time.


Another thing that I’ve learnt at Studio Cotton was how they work and their day to day routine.

I was shown the different types of websites they use for information such as LastPass and Dubsado which was really interesting to learn. I also helped with using these websites. It was quite hard to get the hang of using these websites which were so new to me but the staff were very understanding and kind when i didn’t understand how to use a certain website which made me feel comfortable to ask when I needed help.


The third thing that I’ve learnt at Studio Cotton was time management skills.

When the staff didn’t have any tasks for me to do or didn’t need help with anything I tried my hardest to do something productive. I did things like keep the workplace tidy, make refreshments for the staff, put plates and cups away and read some books. This really kept me busy and really made everything easier for the staff to get on with their work.


The fourth thing that I’ve learnt at Studio Cotton was the fun side of a business.

The atmosphere of Studio cotton was really fun and everyone was really welcoming which made me feel comfortable really fast. The bright colours and design of Studio Cotton was unique and not like any other business I’ve ever seen which made my whole experience all the more exciting. I took part in many different jobs that the staff in studio cotton did such as, photoshoots, replying to emails and many other tasks which I thoroughly enjoyed!


The final thing that I’ve learnt at studio cotton was about brand consistency and how important fonts are.

I was told that constantly changing your font or brand style isn’t a wise move because it makes your company come across as unorganised and its important to find a style that you think fits with your brand and stick with it.

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1 thought on “5 things I’ve learnt at Studio Cotton”

  1. Kelly McDonagh

    This was a thoroughly lovely article to read and something I’ll be sure to share with future students. Thank you to the Studio Cotton team who welcomed you in such a warm way. Well done Rayhan, I am super proud of you!

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