How we applied for a coronavirus related grant for our Bristol-based small business

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Like any other small businesses, we closed the doors to Studio Cotton to help minimise the spread of coronavirus, in line with advice from our government. This means we our beautiful pink studio is currently sitting empty, and our workshops cancelled. It also means our clients’ priorities have changed, and many of the businesses we work with are much less likely to be doing any seriously investment in branding or marketing.

However, we still have rent and bills to pay.

To help small businesses affected by coronavirus, UK Government introduced a grant of £10,000. We wanted to apply for this as soon as possible, so my husband/co-director Alex started hunting for information on how to claim a coronavirus related grant for our Bristol-based small business.

Here’s what we found, so that other small businesses in Bristol could try the same.

Big ol’ caveats:

  • We’ve only just done this for Studio Cotton, so we can’t say for sure yet if we were successful
  • The grant is current for businesses eligible for business rates relief from their council
  • Each council is different, so this advice is only for those in Bristol City Council

How we applied for the coronavirus grant

After a lot of digging around, Alex found this page on Budget 2020: help for Business. It asks you to send an email from your business to [email protected], and include “Grant Application” in the subject line. You can choose to be paid by BACS or cheque. Here’s the email we sent, feel free to copy and paste it for your business – and replace the information in square brackets with your own!

Subject line:

Grant Application: [Legal Business Name]



As per the guidance here ( I am emailing you to provide you with our business details so that we can claim the Coronavirus related grant for Small Businesses as we are currently in receipt of small business rates relief.
Our details are as follows:
  • Company Name:[Legal Business Name]
  • Nature of Business: [Type of business, e.g. Marketing Agency]
  • Business Rates Account Number: [you can find this at the top of a recent business rates statement]
  • Preferred Method of Payment: [BACS/cheque]
  • Sort Code: [xx xx xx]
  • Account Number: [xxxx xxxx]
Please let me know if you need any further details.
Kind Regards,
[Director’s name]
Good luck!


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