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Free: Valentine’s Day 2018 Content Plan

Download the free Valentine’s Day Content Plan


Tis the season to be romantic. Well, nearly. St Valentine’s Day’s is on the horizon, and a great opportunity for small brands to meet new customers and demonstrate a need for their product.

I know, I know, it’s commercial AF – and can also be super depressing if you’re not all loved up. But it’s time to put aside your personal feelings because right now you’re an entrepreneur – and it’s time to get all up in the professional business of love.

Planning a whole marketing campaign around Valentine’s Day can sound like a bit of a pain, but it’s a chance to be creative and really refine your content planning skills. It’s a celebration when most brands can see an uplift in sales – but not as crucial as Christmas where a bad campaign can lose you serious dough.

That said, a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign isn’t for everyone, so if you’re brand doesn’t meet any of the below, stop reading now. Or maybe just go read one of our other fabulous blog posts.

  • You have a product which is typically gifted on Valentine’s Day
  • You have a product which could be gifted on Valentine’s Day, and access to a significant audience of potential gifters (e.g. social following, market stall or mailing list)
  • You have a product which you believe should be gifted on Valentine’s Day, and are able to dedicate real resource to audience growing too

Our Free Valentine’s Day Content Plan covers your website, Instagram, Facebook and a physical location like a market stall. Sure, you could stick strictly to our to-do list, but we recommend that you make it your own. Add in more channels, tweak the content, remove the bits you don’t fancy. Go for it.

The free content plan also includes a few prompts, encouraging you to define goals and create an incentive for new audience engagements. If you think Valentine’s Day could be really big for your business, you could benefit from creating a specific offer.

This could be a discount sitewide or on selected products, but I encourage you think outside the box. Complimentary gift wrapping, free greetings cards on orders over a certain amount, or even door-to-door delivery on V-Day itself. Be creative, and have fun with this most sickly of days.

The content plan also includes post-campaign questions to make sure your business learns from the campaign activity. After all, you can only get better by knowing what works and what doesn’t – so write that pish down.


Download the free Valentine’s Day Content Plan


Have a question about Valentine’s Day content planning? Leave a comment below x

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