How to define your brand’s visual style with a photography moodboard

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You’re bossing this small creative business branding. If you’ve been following along on our 30 days of 5-minute tips then congrats! You’ve learned about logos, chosen your colour palette, identified your typography and picked some patterns.

Now it’s time for me to ask you:

What’s the photography style for your brand?

If you’re well spread out among social media platforms, this means you’ll have visual content on at least a personal website, Etsy page, Instagram and Facebook.

Keepin’ it consistent across these platforms can prove problematic.

If your Instagram is packed with gorgeous styled product shots but your Facebook is dragging behind with low-res cut-out photography, then you need to reevaluate your photography style.

You need to get ‘on brand‘.

The best way to ensure a cohesive visual style across platforms is to create a photography moodboard. This is a document, often based on a template, where you insert inspirational images (a bit like Pinterest) to create a representation of the style of photography you’ll always aim for when posting about your brand.

(On a side note – if you’re having any trouble using the template, creating a Pinterest board is a perfectly fine alternative. In fact, we ask anyone we are collab-ing on a brand identity with to create one.)

Not all brands have large image banks from product photo shoots but this doesn’t need to be a problem in this day and age.

Behold! Stock image libraries!

Unsplash, Pexels and Flickr are perf for sourcing images. 📷

Since this moodboard will be a private document, you can also use images that are under strict copyright. That Instagram you’ve been stalking the past week with the gorrrgeous product photos and Monstera leaves? Well, you can nab some images from there and slap ’em straight on your photography moodboard.

Once you’ve collected and arranged your imagery, you can refer to your moodboard whenever you’re having trouble working out if your latest snap will fit with your brand’s other visual content.

Sharing is caring for your business

Not only will creating a photography moodboard prove super helpful to you, but whenever you’re commissioning other creative humans (whether it’s a graphic designer or photographer), you have a document to send over that communicates your visual identity wayyyy better than you could describe in an email or phone call.

We love creating moodboards for Studio Cotton and for every brand we design brand identities for.

In order to nail your brand’s photography style it’s important to make a photography moodboard (which can be made from a free online template or in the form of a Pinterest board). Use images from your shoots or from free stock libraries to fill up the board with relevant and cohesive imagery.

Once you’re done, you’ll have a much easier time choosing which content to post and a super useful resource to share with designers and photographers to communicate your ideas.

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