Photo Blog: Helping Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue find a home for Ratty with Georgia de Lotz

Meet Ratty, a very special fella cat with a hella rare but harmless genetic mutation that prevents him from growing a full coat of soft puss fur.

I built the Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue website when I was starting Studio Cotton, and in 2018 I was performing some routine maintenance and was totally enamoured by his one-of-kind looks.

Turns out this fancy feline had been waiting over 2 years for a permanent home. Ratty’s rescuers and his veterinary team had been extra cautious; he had a lifelong illness that was totally unrelated to his coat, and shouldn’t prevent him from living a long and hairless life – but it did mean he couldn’t live with any other cats.

Helping Ratty find a home became my mission, and with the charity’s blessing, I asked our top photographer Georgia de Lotz if she would consider donating a morning of time to the cause.

Georgia is an absolute legend (and an animal lover with a big heart) so within a week, we set up the shoot. It must have worked, as in the next couple of weeks there was lots of interest for this purrfect puss – and he was adopted soon afterwards.

Date: February 2018
Photographer: Georgia de Lotz
Location: Aime’s dining room in Bedminster, Bristol
Client: Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue

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