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Monthly and one-off marketing campaigns for websites, social media, print & email

Business is taking off. It’s time to bring in the experts.

When it comes to your business, doesn’t it feel great when the ball is rolling and rolling hard? Your brand is growing, your products have started to fly off the shelf and now everydangbody wants you.

As an entrepreneur, this is one of the most baller feelings – when you can start outsourcing to experts – and focus more of your valuable time on the products that have made you so successful.

Well that’s where we come in. Hi, we’re your new marketing department. We’ll manage a little, some or all of your brand communications so that you crush it on a whole new level.

With super simple transparent pricing, you’ll always know what you’re creative indie brand is getting from Studio Cotton.

Super simple, flexible, and organised.

Ok, you’ve probably read how we only work with creative, indie brands. Well, that’s because we’ve totally nailed marketing for creative, indie brands – developing and perfecting our methods to ensure your brand is communicating the right messages to the right people at the right time.

We create suuuuuper simple communications plans that cover every message for every medium, and then work with you on how to best execute your marketing.



As little or as much as you need.

If you love looking after your beautiful Instagram account, we’ll tell you to keep doing it. If you love shooting your website pics? Keep. Doing. It.

If there’s social network you don’t like to manage, or marketing updates you can no longer manage in-house, we got you. We’ll agree a price for exactly what you want us to do, and then we’ll do it. Simple.

The Studio Cotton marketing campaign process

1. Plan

We’ll work with you to create your super simple marketing plan. This will cover exactly what your brand needs to say for a specific objective or ongoing growth.

2. Brief

For our returning clients, we want to know what’s important to you right now. What you liked from our last campaign, and what you didn’t. We’ll add in any timely messaging for events, selling days or last-minute pushes.

3. Shoot

Great campaigns need great pics. We’ll either collaborate with one of our top photographers, or give you guidance on how to capture the images needed for your marketing plan.

4. Write

It’s time to apply your imagery to your core messaging, and create social media posts, email campaigns and website updates that will seduce your customers.

5. Schedule

We are too chill to be stressed, that’s why we schedule content and updates as soon as we can using our favourite affordable tools.

6. Community

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to chat, engage and interact with your community. It’s time to use social media to be social.

7. Analyse

We can always get better. A good marketing campaign should always end with simple analysis to make sure the numbers meet our expectations, and how we can use this information to deliver an even better experience again and again.