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  • Sep132018

    Website user testing scenarios for small businesses and their best buddies

    Use testing is a redonculously important part of launching and improving a small business website. It also has the added…

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  • Sep122018

    How dead end pages can lose you potential customers

    I want you to imagine the dream scenario when online shopping. No, not being able to use The Sims ‘motherlode’…

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  • Sep112018

    Manipulating the F out of your small business website

    Here’s a massive not-so-secret secret about how we observe content online: it’s just a big-ass F. Us humans may be…

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  • Jul052018

    Guest blog: 5 tips for first-time business bloggers

    Here at Studio Cotton, we love featuring some expert advice and ideas from our favourite creative Bristolian ladies. For this…

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  • May082018

    Here’s how to manage images for any website

    If you run a website, there’s loads of things you MUST do. You must keep it fresh, you must keep…

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  • Mar262018

    AAA: Perfecting a creative small business homepage (Part One: SEO)

    Libby of Libby Ballard Ceramics wanted to Ask Aime Anything: What changes can I make to improve my homepage to make it more visible in search engines?

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  • Feb272018

    AAA: How to master website landing pages

    It’s flipping freezing in Bristol today, so I’m wrapping up warm in the studios and answering another great question from…

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  • Feb122018

    Improving the SEO of the Chroma Stationery blog (Part Two)

    As part of our Ask Aime Anything feature, we’ve been sent a couple of questions by Gabi from Chroma Stationery.…

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  • Feb122018

    Chroma Stationery owner Gabi asks “How can I improve the SEO for my blog?” (Part One)

    What a great way to kick off our new Ask Aime Anything feature. I love discussing search engine optimisation or…

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  • Jan032018

    Why Linktree just doesn’t make sense if you have your own website

    If you have a website, using Linktree could actually be harming your business. Is that really worth paying up to…

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