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A marketing agency for creative, indie brands

We live for small business, because we’re incredibly selfish. We love meeting lovely people and working on totally original projects promoting exciting new products.

We created Studio Cotton so that we could do what we love every day, so that you can do what you love every day.

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When it comes to your brand, we’re as serious as you are.

If you’ve read one of our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that we don’t write like anyone else.

Well, we don’t sound like anyone else in the marketing industry either. We will never patronise and condescend, throw you off with three-letter acronyms or pretend like there’s some big mysterious secret to marketing that you couldn’t possibly understand.

We’ll help you to understand what we’re doing for you and why, and empower you to make better business decisions.

Super friendly brand experts who love to say no

We’re incredibly good at what we do, and darn proud of it. Sure, we make brand identities, websites and marketing materials that look lush – but every project, every action, every piece of advice we give – is done to grow your small business.

So you’ll hear us say ‘no’ a lot.

No matter which of our services your brand needs, or if it’s just a chat over coffee, we’ll give you sound business advice. And sometimes, that means telling you to stop spending money on ideas that won’t make you money.

We’ll just do it in a super friendly way.

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Our Small Business Blog

We love to create. When we’re not on client shoots, tweaking websites or making brands better, we grow. For some of us this means experimenting with visuals ideas, for others it’s escaping into a great brand book.

One thing we all do, is write. We write about design, about small business, and about creating a successful business in Bristol.