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A small creative business,
for small creative businesses

Time. Money. Creativity. When you run an indie brand, there’s only so much to go around – and it never seems to be quite enough.

We deliver brand, web and marketing services that are effective, efficient and friendly, so that you can spend more time running the small creative business of your dreams.

Some lovely clients, past & present

  • Matthew Calvin
  • Pop & Punch
  • Shuna Yoga
  • Eatchu
  • Lauren Aston Designs

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Our metaphorical doors are open

But our actual doors are closed (for now)

The Studio Cotton team is settling into a new working-from-home routine, allowing us to create the same beautiful brand identities, stunning websites, and thoughtful marketing campaigns to all of our new & existing clients.

For now, the doors to our physical studio at 48 Corn Street, Bristol are closed. We will be holding all meetings and consultations online, and all workshops are postponed until we find the best way to bring these to a new virtual community.

In the meantime, you can check out our recent article on communicating during the coronavirus crisis, or check out our blog with lots of practical advice to help grow a small creative business.

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