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Ya know what Google loves? Meaty, wordy content – and we’d love to write those words for your small business. Boost your SEO with our blogging and website content services.

Search engine optimisation

If you want to rank for *something*, you have to write that *something* on your website

Having written content on your small business website is one of the most impactful things you can do to boost your SEO – Google loves reading words, so when they’re written in the right way, your words can help you rank higher. 

An open notebook with a pink pen on a pink fabric background.
Studio Cotton founder Aime wears a brown dress and works on her laptop, next to Hannah who is drawing in a large sketchbook, with her laptop in front of her on the wooden table. In the background is the pink sofa in Studio Cotton's lounge area.

We are so aware that writing those words can be a right pain, especially if you’re not a natural or enthusiastic writer – we all have different strengths, and writing happens to be one of ours.

That’s exactly why we offer content creation services for improving small business SEO.

Small business SEO

Search-worthy, yummy content

Small business blogging

Turning your expertise and opinions into juicy, SEO-rich content for your website.

Product descriptions

Let us turn your wonderful wares into wonderful words with ever-so-thorough product descriptions.

Website pages

For a little help with those essential pages like your services, About & Contact that are surprisingly tricky to nail

Not your average bloggers

Blogging for your small business

We literally cannot stop talking about the business benefits of blogging, which why we can’t stop blogging ourselves (or stop blogging about blogging – seriously though, take a look at our blog)

Turning your knowledge and insight into friendly and engaging words is totally our jam – perfect if you don’t quite have the time for it, you don’t know where to start, or writing doesn’t come naturally to you.

Totally optimised

SEO-ified product descriptions

You gotta have juicy and accurate descriptions for your lovely products so that customers can find exactly what they’re yearning for.

We create utterly thorough and seductive descriptions that give your customers all the information they need to buy your wonderful wares.

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Close up shot from the neck down of copywriter Lyzi wearing a black grid-print top and beige trousers, holding a pink and white mug. In the background is a pink door, and a plant on a pink plant stand.

Our recipe for an optimised product description is no secret, you can check out our go-to structure in our article 9 enticing details of a really, really good product description.

But if you’d prefer to outsource your wordsmithery to a bunch of SEO-obsessed Bristolians, we’d love to help.

A closed laptop on the table top in Studio Cotton. It sits next to a full glass of water, a pink notebook and a tortoise shell ruler
Power & flexibility

Writing SEO content for your website pages

Your home page, contact page, about page and service descriptions are super important for your potential customers – they won’t know what your lovely small business is about if you don’t communicate it efficiently.

We love turning your small business into powerful prose that’ll attract visitors and get enquiries.

Consciously small since 2016

Word-loving search engine suck-ups

It’s a good thing Google loves the written word, because we do too. We’ve been writing, blogging, publishing, and shouting small business help since founding in 2016, and we’re not stopping any time soon.

We also know that everything in small business life is about that return on investment. That’s why we approach every piece of content – for us and our clients – as a strategic opportunity for changing perceptions and building traffic.

In every word

Know our values, know Studio Cotton


All sincerity and no judgement – we respect your small business too much to not share the harder truths and provide feedback from our extensive experience and expertise.


Honesty is nothing without kindness; as a small business ourselves we’re always empathetic to the challenges small businesses and their owners face.


It’s not a sexy word – but it is the right one. We pursue solutions and choices that just make sense based on all the factors – budget, time, goals, and most importantly, ROI.

The bit you're looking for

Content creation for SEO prices

We’ve popped all of our content creation for SEO services into some helpful packages.

Every project is different, and final package contents and pricing can vary based on your individual requirements, so get in touch to find out more.

Content packages price list

  • One off blog trio £900
  • 1 blog monthly £320 pm
  • 3 blogs monthly £900 pm
  • 10 SEO product descriptions £750
  • 20+ SEO product descriptions £50 each
  • 6 SEO products monthly £450
  • About page £300
  • Contact page £120
  • Service page £300+
  • Home page £300+
Updated: 03/2024
Valid: 03/2024
Wanna talk SEO & Content?

Let's chat creating SEO content for your small business website

Get in touch or drop us an email if you’re interested in our website blogging and content services to boost your SEO. 

PS. We promise not to write wordaliscious on your website.

PPS. Unless you want us to, that is.

Answers to the biggies

We really love to chat websites

We’re always updating our web design FAQs but totally appreciate that every project is different – and you probably have something on your mind that we haven’t answered – yet.

If you need more information, we’d love to help. Drop us a quick call during studio hours or pop an email over any time. 


The average turnaround time for our website content packages is around 2-6 weeks from booking. The timeline for each project depends on the studio capacity and size of the project.

Our default payment terms for website content SEO is 100% payment at the time of booking (excluding monthly services). We can be flexible on this, and are happy to discuss payment plans on all projects totalling over £1,000.

No. The way we manage blogging for our clients is very much focused on turning your individual expertise and opinions into articles.

However, where occasions arise when we feel we do not have the insight or experience required to do a topic justice, we will always let you know before booking.

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