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WordPress websites for small businesses

Website design

We are pretty darn sure that we design and develop the best small business websites on the market. Seriously. 

Studio Cotton websites

Business websites

How about a website that just makes it so dang easy for your clients to buy from your brand? That's our cuppa.

Online shops

We design powerful, flexible ecommerce websites with killer conversion rates.

Professional blogs

You're a great content creator. We're wonderful website designers. Let's get together.

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Need a central hub for exclusive content? We'll help you create structure and minimise management.
About our web design service

We're just really good at building websites

Small business websites by Studio Cotton are something special, if we do say so ourselves. Sure, we use some pretty darn powerful and flexible technology that you’ll master in no time – but that’s not why you’ll love our website work…

Our real strength is understanding your creative small business through some pretty darn thorough research and consultation time together. 

Then we apply our heaps upon heaps of website expertise; top-notch design, sickenin’ SEO, unbeatable UX and ample accessibility know-how.

The nitty gritty

Website design availability and pricing

Our standard website projects start from £3,000 for service-based businesses, and £4,800 for ecommerce businesses. Our next availability is late Summer 2022, with about a 6-week turnaround time. We like to keep things simple.

Our website design clients

We build websites for lovely, creative small businesses

We work exclusively with creative small businesses with products and services that make the world we live in a little lovelier. From homes and gardens to supporting goals and changing lives, we just wanna build websites that help you create joy.

Handpicked website projects

Meet some of our small business website design clients

We’ve designed a whole heap of beautiful and powerful websites for creative small businesses since 2016.

Bec Denton

I’m extremely pleased with my new website. I really enjoyed and valued working with Aime. Cheers team!

Lucy Lyon

Aime knows what she is talking about. She has helped to clarify the areas I need to focus on and how to do it.

Emma Bassey

I’m over the moon with my new website, it’s functionality has surpassed my expectations.

Amelia Harker

Can’t recommend Studio Cotton enough! Aime was overflowing with useful info and everything seems less daunting.

Sophie Moloney

My monthly marketing consultations with Aime have been exactly what I needed to grow my business.

Jayne Rutland

As a person who used to do zero planning and a LOT of winging it, Studio Cotton has been a godsend!

Website design FAQs

The answers to your burning questions

We try our best to be as clear and transparent as possible, which is why we’ve popped together some helpful info about our website design projects.

If we’ve missed your question or you need more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to help.

Our standard websites start with a template created by Studio Cotton (and not available for purchase individually). This allows us to significantly reduce design and development time by giving us a strong foundation – it’s like starting the project on second base.

And because we’re starting two steps ahead and saving heaps of website design and development resource, we can offer our standard websites at a much lower price for a professional quality product.

Sure, it might be that your website footer it’s kinda the same as that lovely photographer in South Wales, or your terms and conditions page layout suspiciously similar to a bakery in Westbury-on-Trym but the content and design that really matters – the areas that will attract and convert your customers – and unique to your business.

Sometimes, even though our templates can start a business on second base, we might be working with a brand that’s playing hockey and not rounders, which means the template isn’t actually that helpful.

Our bespoke projects start with a completely blank screen for a totally unique design and build. This can be better suited for indie brands with a more exacting or specific aesthetic in mind, complex or large content catalogues with sophisticated filtering, technology integrations, or an unusual website goal.

If you’re unsure which type of website is best for you, just get in touch and a member of our team can let you know.

This is something we’re looking in to. At the moment, projects require a 50% deposit to secure our design and development resources with the full balance being settled before your website goes live. We’re looking for ways to split that 50% into a format that works best for our small business clients.

Yes to hosting, no to domains and emails. We host our clients’ websites in a secure environment that allows us for better monitoring, easier management and the ability to jump on any hosting issues as quickly as possible.

We do not look after your domains or emails, and recommend Google Domains and Google Workspace.

A lot of the time, yes. If you currently run Squarespace or Shopify, we’re able to export blogs and products and import them them to your new website. However, these migrations are never 100% perfect, and we always recommend setting aside some time for spot checking.

Any custom features we’ve created will also need to be populated, either manually or with a tool we can recommend – since this data won’t exist on your old website. Unfortunately Wix does not allow for any content exports, and we are unable to guarantee the automated transfer of data from Wix websites to our website builds.

All packages include manual migration of up to 8 blogs or products, which we recommend saving for your most complex and fiddly content. We also provide an add-on where you can book additional time for migrating content. We can advise on your specific project if we think this might be needed.

Whilst we cannot transfer page content from your old website, we will often copy and paste helpful passages and sections into your new design.

The most important thing you need to work on before we start building your website is your brand identity, including these specific assets:

  • A logo (including a vector like an SVG or EPS file)
  • Your brand colour palette
  • Your brand fonts for headings, subheadings and body text
  • A selection of at least 16 professional quality images

Whilst we don’t have a rule that your branding needs to come from a professional brand or graphic designer and a photographer, you might want to consider making this investment before booking a website design project.

If you’re unsure about your current brand identity being ready for a website design project, this is definitely something we can help with. Either pop us a quick call, drop us an email or describe what you do have in your enquiry form, and we’ll take a look.

No. We’re strictly a WordPress website design studio. Whilst Squarespace and Shopify have some amazing features and benefits, we’re yet to find a scenario where WordPress hasn’t been the best solution for designing and building websites for our client projects.

If you’re worried about getting to grips with WordPress as a content management system – we hear you. It’s definitely a little trickier than the all-in-one platforms like Shopify and Squarespace. But. We have simplified our back ends (hehehe) as much as possible, and provide plenty of training and support to get your started and keep you growing.

Plus, we use a super easy drag-and-drop visual page builder for WordPress called Elementor Pro, so a lot of your day-to-day content management will be very similar to Squarespace and Shopify too.

When we provide a quote for your website project, that includes the full design and build as well as technical support, technical maintenance, and software licensing for the first 12 months. You are not obligated to any other costs with Studio Cotton during that period, but we do offer website support and management packages if you’d like  for us to help your website grow with your business.

After that initial 12 months is up, you’ll need to pay for a minimum of your website hosting and software licenses. Depending on the size of your website and the amount of traffic, this could be around £150 – £600 per year. We’ll be able to provide an estimate specific to your business during your website scoping if you like.

You would be responsible for managing your domain/website address and your emails though (but we recommend sorting these through Google Domains as they’re generally the cheapest and easiest to manage).

We’ve put a lot of thought into this one – and our answer is currently no. We always bang on about how our expertise sets us apart from the rest, and without our support – we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that the website you DIY with one of our templates would be the very best solution for your small business.

This might change in the future, but for now Studio Cotton does not sell website templates.

Yes! We do not lock any part of your website behind a theme or permission settings. Anything we can edit, design, add or remove; you can edit, design, add or remove too. We do this to ensure your small business has every tool available for growing and adapting to new business challenges.

Of course, we’d love to keep working with you on this growth, but also understand that small businesses need to keep an eye on their budgets and that often means DIYing some or all of their website management. And if you’re worried you’ll break something, ya probably won’t be able to.

Our technology allows you to roll back edits and versions of most of your content, and for as long as your website stays hosted with Studio Cotton, we’ll take regular database and full backups in case of a website emergency.



Whilst we do not including full copywriting within our website packages, we do provide quite a lot of copywriting support as standard. We’ll try to write some sumptuous headings and calls to action to get your started with your website, and where we can’t – we’ll include some pretty descriptive prompts, e.g. “Sally, please include two sentences on how your client will feel after their first session with you” or “Hasan, here’s where we’d like your top product picks for Christmas gifts”.

You can then work on these prompts in your own time, or work with your own copywriter to bring your business to life through words. Need a copywriter recommendation? Just drop our team a message and we’ll share our favourites.

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