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Just a small group of rather lovely creative Bristolians who are obsessed with small businesses.

Small, slow business

Work hard, play mildly

Where to start? Even though we write exceptional website content every darn day, crafting your own ‘about’ page is still a proper pickle.

So let’s start with saying we’re a small business filled with people who care an obscene amount about seeing other small businesses thrive.

A pink mug resting on a glass table with black edging, in front of a pink sofa in the Studio Cotton lounge
Studio Cotton founder Aime wears a brown dress and works on her laptop, next to Hannah who is drawing in a large sketchbook, with her laptop in front of her on the wooden table. In the background is the pink sofa in Studio Cotton's lounge area.

We just want to see the world filled with more nice things and happy people.

That’s why we try our darnedest, exceed expectations, and then head home to our loved ones at 5:30pm.

What we stand for

Know our values, know Studio Cotton


All sincerity and no judgement – we respect your small business too much to not share the harder truths and provide feedback from our extensive experience and expertise.


Honesty is nothing without kindness; as a small business ourselves, we’re always empathetic to the challenges small businesses and their owners face.


It’s not a sexy word – but it is the right one. We pursue solutions and choices that just make sense based on all the factors – budget, time, goals, and most importantly, ROI.

Exclusively for small businesses

Consciously, specifically small

Since founding in 2016, we’ve only ever wanted to work with small businesses. Yep, we’re a little bit selfish – we pick the products and services that really rustle our jammies.

And in return, we’ve tailored every service, every package and every nugget of advice for small business life.

We understand small businesses have limited budgets – limited money, limited time, and limited brain space for all those creative, expert jobs.

That’s why we focus on efficient, practical and easy-to-follow solutions for all your website challenges.

Studio Cotton testimonials

Lovely words from our clients

Laura Roberts
I’ve learned loads and this is reflected in my page rankings and increased confidence to tackle SEO, blogging, emails & other biz challenges.
Militza Ortiz
Best investment I have made for my self-made website! I find Aime and the community advice is actionable with being overwhelming. Easy to understand and digest.
Elle Williamson
It's such a valuable membership which I'm chuffed to be in. I've always loved Aime's straight-talking advice on IG and this is just next level!
Amy Collins
I'm able to get expert answers to my DIY-website questions, as well as tips and insights I didn't even know I needed! This membership has already saved me loads of time and effort
I'm a one woman business, so having Aime to help direct me where to tweak small things for big long-term wins is such a great feeling.
Joy McMillan
Being able to ask questions specifically about my business is invaluable and has saved masses of time trying to find answers
Aime’s advice is always useful and bite sized and backed up with real world examples so super easy to understand and follow
Beckie Sims
I would have no hesitation in recommending Studio Cotton - in fact, I would recommend that any small business reaches out for some advice and support at some kind of level.
Meet the team

Behind the scenes at Studio Cotton

Close up of Studio Cotton founder Aime with her blonde hair tied up, wearing a brown dress and holding her hand to her mouth
Aime Cox
Founder of Studio Cotton
Alex Tennant
Technical Director
Cai Burton
Client Manager
Content producer Lyzi wears an off-white jumper and smiles while looking at her laptop. Behind her are two pink doors.
Lyzi Unwin
Content Producer
Sophie Petherick
Freelance Assistant
Selected web design projects

We've built 70+ small business websites, and here's some of them

Product and lifestyle photographer
Weronika Karczewska
Creative recruiter website
Nikky Lyle Creative
Bespoke wedding stationery website
Retro Press
Creative copywriting website
Words by Bonnie
Fancy & fanciful craft website
Lauren Aston Designs
Timeless luxury for a specialist trade
New Life Sash Window Co
Content producer Lyzi wears a black top and beige trousers, and is smiling while handing drinking glasses to Studio Cotton founder Aime (wearing a brown dress) from the vintage cabinet, hand-painted by Emotional Waterfall Art.

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We’ve handpicked some of our web design, consulting & SEO content clients from across the UK.

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