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About Studio Cotton

A lovely Bristolian business made by Aime Cox-Tennant

Helping lovely people =
happy lovely people

Surrounding yourself with things you love and people you admire makes everything better.

That’s why we only work with creative indie brands – jewellers, artists, illustrators, creators, makers, entrepreneurs and bloomin’ fabulous shops – and we measure our success by the happiness of our clients and ourselves.

We specialise in proving intelligent advice and support to brand owners on a sensible budget. We tell our clients where to spend their money, when to stop, and how to give themselves more time for the stuff they find fun.

Work mildly, play mildly

Studio Cotton was started by accident. Well, kinda. I’m Aime, a full-blown Bristolian, and ever so proud of my city, which is why I’ve never really left.

I went to school in Kingswood, studied Applied Genetics at UWE (back when you could afford to go to uni on a whim and pick a subject because you fancied the DNA guy from CSI), and worked my way through retail before landing in the world of marketing.

It took me nearly a decade to realise that the marketing industry and I were really not a good fit. Maybe it was my bad luck, but I worked a number of roles that utterly destroyed my mental health and spirit. It sucked.

So I made a change, and decided to pursue something I really loved. Turns out, what I really loved was running a marketing agency, just on my much more sensible terms.

I can’t do it all, so I don’t.

I build some pretty baller websites, provide awesome mentoring services and love a little social media and email strategy. But I know my limits, which is why I bring in the experts.

Studio Cotton is more than just me, we’re a little family of mildly-working creative folks living the Bristolian dream. From my husband Alex who takes care of the development, hosting and dolla dolla, through to our photographers, graphic designs and writers.

We’re all pretty awesome, and determined to make your business a little more awesome too.

BTW: the team were pretty terrible at sending in their headshots, so I improvised.

So what now?

I dunno, you can get in touch if you would like to chat about our services, or follow us on Instagram if you like dusty pink pictures and cormorant humour.

If I were you, I’d join our lovely little Facebook group Smart, Creative & Kind: Bristolians in Business.

But where did the name Studio Cotton come from?

I thought ‘Studio’ sounded fancy and Cotton is just my surname smooshed together (Cox-Tennant). I really suck at naming things.