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About Studio Cotton

Just a small group of rather lovely creative Bristolians in a very pink website design studio.

Work hard,
play mildly

Small, slow business

Where to start? Even though we write exceptional website content every darn day, crafting your own ‘about’ page is still a proper pickle.

So let’s start with saying we’re a small business filled with people who care an obscene amount about seeing other small businesses thrive.

We just want to see the world filled for more nice things and happy people. That’s why we try our darnedest, exceed expectations, and then head home to our loved ones at 5:30pm.

Studio Cotton values


We're not talking GCSEs and degrees. Our focus in on delivering pragmatic and research-based solutions to our clients' challenges.


We get a lil rush creating something where there was once nothing. We want to hear your ideas, and bask in your glorious creativity.


We like to think we make the world a little nicer for our clients, community and team. Help us sprinkle some empathy and joy wherever we go.
Aime sat in the first Studio Cotton studio. She did not like her hair this day.
Aime sat in the first Studio Cotton studio. She did not like her hair this day.
2016 - now & beyond

A little bit of history

Studio Cotton was formed in April 2016, and by ‘formed’ we mean Aime opened a laptop under the living room window and started asking friends if she could build them websites to make a portfolio.

After Aime had worked out how to watch Judge Judy for 12 hours straight (apart from 3-4pm) by channel switching, she realised she needed to get out of the house…

The ol' Studio Cotton noticeboard. We still haven't used those washi tapes.
Aime's first favourite picture of Aime. If you haven't guessed yet, she really loves posing for pictures.

Pithay →
St Augustines's Parade →
Corn Street

Moving around town

After a little dalliance with co-working, Studio Cotton moved into a little space above a coffee shop right in the centre of Bristol.

We also found Simi, our super graphic designer and longest collaborator.

About the same time, Alex, Aime’s husband, joined Studio Cotton too. 

Our websites had gotten hella sophisticated, and we needed Alex’s help with all things technical (and Aime loved delegating all things money and legal too).

48 Corn Street

After a surprisingly painful search, we found our current home; a pretty ugly lil office space in a perfect location.

Aime and Alex convinced everyone they knew to pitch in, and eventually we created a glorious pink hideaway, which has become a bit of a signature of ours (and was even featured in 91 Magazine, which Aime does not stop dropping into conversations).

Not long after investing in the new space, we started to grow. Jodie came on board, followed by Weronika and Lyzi. 

During the car crash year that was 2020, with the team working from home, Aime even convinced her cousin Adam to get involved too.

And that’s pretty much where we are now. Check out our careers page if this sounds like a place you’d like to work.

Founder & Managing Director
Aime Cox-Tennant
Facilitation, Small Business, Strategy, Websites
Alex Tennant
Technology, Websites
Business Manager
Jodie Curley
Business Management, Strategy
Content Producer
Lyzi Unwin
Blogging, Copywriting, Photography, Social Media
Client Services Manager
Kath McEwan
Copywriting, Strategy, Websites
Simi Zeko
Marketing Executive
Adam Philpott
Admin, Pinterest, SEO
Weronika Karczewska
Georgia De Lotz
Photography, Social Media
Website Designer
Hannah Royce-Greensill
Design, Websites
Have a nosy

Indulge in a slideshow of Studio Cotton

If this doesn’t satiate, follow @studio.cotton on Instagram for juicy pics and bitesize small business advice.

We built a bright & bold website for Bristol jewellery brand Dakota Rae Dust
Collaborating with creatives

Our wonderful, wonderful clients

Or course, we’d be nowhere with our extraordinary small business clients. It’s totally a cliché, but we don’t care – we’re grateful every dang day to work with an amazing bunch of creative small business owners.

(And if you do fancy joining an excellent club, we’d love to hear from you!)

And we've been supporting Newcastle stationery brand Ponderlily with their marketing since Summer 2020.

There's a big ol' list of lovely businesses

We couldn’t decide who to include, so we went with *pretty much* everyone.

What next?

We've told you all about us...

Now it’s time to hear from you. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about working with Studio Cotton, or if your business would like to feature our wonderful marketing agency in a piece.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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