Our little pink book

A list of people, organisations and technology for small businesses that are recommended by Studio Cotton.

Some of these links contain affiliate codes that a commercial kick back to us, e.g. discounts on the services we use.

Brand, graphic & packaging designer Alex is a favourite freelancer of Studio Cotton and our clients
A still life & product photography studio that nails the blend between creativity and simplicity
We love collaborating with Chloe on lifestyle photography projects for our small business clients
Our favourite system for organising our team, workload, and web design projects
de Lotz specialise in lifestyle brand photography and social media for small businesses, and we’ve been working together since 2017
Photographer Diana Stainton brings playful colour to lifestyle product photography for creative businesses
Client management system Dubsado is our go-to tool for enquiries, invoicing, contracts and scheduling
Ellie is a mega talented copywriter who ruddy nails the detail, enthusiasm, and commerciality that small businesses need
Our go-to technology for adding a visual page builder to a WordPress website
Business mentor Jodie was part of our team for over 4 years. She is our go-to lady for unstitching processes and seeing the big picture.
We’ve been scheduling all of our social media content using Later foreeeevvvveeerrrr
Welsh design studio Lemon & Birch creates ridiculously beautiful brand identities for small businesses and indie shops
Wonderful hosting for WordPress websites
Graphic designer Liz is our cross-severn buddy and host of our most-listened podcast, Building Your Brand
Lucy is a podcast producing whizz, as well as helping to launch brand new podcasts.
Lucy is an independent press, social & blogging wizard for small businesses
Meg works with brands and creatives to capture naturally beautiful portraits and brand stories
The Cotswolds
Photographer Megan has an impeccable portfolio of personal brand photography for creative businesses
A game-changing membership for small and independent businesses who want help getting in the press
A must must must WordPress plugin that’ll train you on creating and optimising SEO-friendly content for your website
We look forward to every project where we get to work with our long time collaborator and graphic design legend, Simi
Elle, founder of The Ecommerce Assistant, is one of our favourite small business experts. Shopify and Klaviyo users, check her out.
Catherine Erdly of The Resilient Retail Club is THE go-to expert for ecommerce brands and IRL shops
Founded by Therese Ørtendblad, The Small Business Collaborative is the go-to resource for taking your product to the wholesale market
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