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We’ve popped together our most affordable, helpful resources for small businesses that want a totally spiffin’ website – and yep, that includes the free stuff.

Our mini membership

The Studio Cotton Clubhouse

£15 (monthly)

This membership is managed through, where you can cancel your membership any time.

If you want to join for a month to just ask your questions with the intention of leaving straight after – ruddy go for it.

We’d love to have ya 🙂

Have a question about your small business website? We know you do – and we want to answer it.

That’s why we opened the Studio Cotton Clubhouse, an ultra-simple mini-membership where you can drop Qs any time via our Slack-powered chatroom.

An intimate community of small business owners, you’ll be able to see their questions (and answers) too, as well as getting feedback, sharing your own advice and hearing other experiences too.

To cap it off, you can tune in live for a fortnightly(ish) Q&A session with Studio Cotton founder Aime, and watch every darn playback ever in a members-only playlist.

Studio Cotton Clubhouse Testimonials

Hear from our community members

The membership is the best £15 you could spend. So much valuable advice and learning
Sarah Birchall
The amount of useful info shared [in the community] is priceless and I've done more to implement and improve my website thanks to Studio Cotton in the past 3 months than I have over the past 5 years!!
Laura Roberts
I’ve learned loads and this is reflected in my page rankings and increased confidence to tackle SEO, blogging, emails & other biz challenges.
Militza Ortiz
Best investment I have made for my self-made website! I find Aime and the community advice is actionable with being overwhelming. Easy to understand and digest.
Elle Williamson
It's such a valuable membership which I'm chuffed to be in. I've always loved Aime's straight-talking advice on IG and this is just next level!
Amy Collins
I'm able to get expert answers to my DIY-website questions, as well as tips and insights I didn't even know I needed! This membership has already saved me loads of time and effort
I'm a one woman business, so having Aime to help direct me where to tweak small things for big long-term wins is such a great feeling.
Joy McMillan
Being able to ask questions specifically about my business is invaluable and has saved masses of time trying to find answers
Aime’s advice is always useful and bite sized and backed up with real world examples so super easy to understand and follow
Beckie Sims
I would have no hesitation in recommending Studio Cotton - in fact, I would recommend that any small business reaches out for some advice and support at some kind of level.
Workshop | Playback

Small Business SEO: Principles, Foundations & Progress


Head over to our favourite publication, 91 Magazine, and get access to the playback of our SEO workshop.

91 Magazine on a desk with plants and candles captured by Georgia de Lotz
A little bit of IRL

Small business events in Bristol

Follow Studio Cotton on Eventbrite to see and book our events in Bristol

Companie Sessions

New for 2023; conversational panels with hand-picked speakers and the mildest ever networking, every other month in central Bristol.

Coffee & Cowork

Book on and pop in to the Studio Cotton shoffice in central bristol for a totally chill morning of work (and a latte or two).

Website Clinic

Get some live feedback or answers to your website questions with Aime, shared with a small group of nice business owners.

You'll love @studio.cotton

Bitesize guides on Instagram

Aime’s been publishing heaps of advice on Instagram since 2017, and is a regular feature in many a small business owner’s Saves folder.

Tuck into a free checklist, tutorial, or guide – and then have a lil peeksie behind the scenes at Studio Cotton.

The Studio Cotton bestseller

That £3 image optimisation tutorial

We recorded a tutorial on how to automate *most* of the web image optimisation process using your Mac, and it ‘s been our most popular product ever. Who knew? 

Juicy freebie content

A bunch of relentless bloggers

Fully fleshed-out and juicy website help, interviews, alllll the guides and big dollops of small business industry insights.

That’s our jam.

We publish a tonne of the advice that we share with our web design & consulting clients for you to use on your own website.

Website advice for listeners

A podcast episode playlist

No, we don’t have a Studio Cotton podcast – which is probably for the best as Aime *loves* to chat websites.

Instead, we’ve collected every podcast episode where Aime has featured into a yummy Spotify playlist so you can enjoy her dulcet Bristolian tones.

Online learning

Watch a Studio Cotton workshop from a small business community

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The Resilient Retail Club

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91 Magazine

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PR Dispatch

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