This month’s photoshoot looked pretty different to the last time Georgia De Lotz graced our gorgeously pink central Bristol office to take some beautiful photos of our beautiful team – see the photo blog: Georgia De Lotz captures the Studio Cotton team, Spring 2020. 

This time around, there was no one to be seen. Every member of our brilliant team has been working hard from their home offices (or desks crammed into bedrooms, in some cases) following the COVID-19 government guidelines. 

A day or two previous to the photoshoot, Aime popped in to drop off some cute props – check out that totally gorgeous stationery – and to do some scene setting, so that when Georgia came in she could do her thang solo. We’ve gushed before about how Georgia always nails the brief, and this set of photographs is no exception.

We don’t have any physical products to sell here at Studio Cotton, just our snazzy website, marketing and branding skills. It’s quite hard to capture those in an image, so photos of our lovely plant filled pink office space, stationery and technology are all super useful to us – for our social media platforms, our website, and our blog. 

Date: July 2020
Photographer: Georgia de Lotz
Location: Studio Cotton, 48 Corn Street, Bristol
Client: Studio Cotton

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