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6 steps to writing a killer About Page

Aime Cox
Founder of Studio Cotton
Aime is utterly obsessed with sharing heaps of small business and website advice that’s easy to action
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I’m about to make your life so darn easy right now. I’m about to give you six beautifully curated questions that will shape a killer About Page biography.

Before I do that, I want you to make me one promise: you won’t think too hard.

I’m a massive over-thinker, and, like most people, can be paralysed by the demand of making the very best decision.

We’re not going to do that today. Instead, we’re going to brain-dump our answers, and when our brains are suitably empty, we’ll polish and stitch that pish together.

So here are the ultimate personal-yet-professional questions, with some of my refined(ish) Studio Cotton answers, to inspire you on sculpting your perfect About Page.


1. How would you introduce yourself in one sentence?

I am Aime Cox and I run Studio Cotton, a lovely web design studio in the centre of Bristol.


2. How did you get your mad skills or big break?

I’ve worked in brand & marketing pretty much since leaving uni with global businesses, well-known brands and exciting startups. But, agency culture was never my bag.

I was about to swear off the industry, and started freelancing to give me time to make a decision.


3. Why do you do what you do?

I loved the creative work and wanted to do it on my terms. I started Studio Cotton so that I could bring my creativity and expertise to brands I love and products I believe in.

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Thoughtfully crafted websites for lovely small businesses

Utterly splendid websites designed & built exclusively for small businesses (with all the bells and even more whistles).


4. How can you help the person reading this?

If you’re a small business owner like me, and scared of doing something wrong or don’t know where to start, I’m here to help.


5. Why should they trust you with their time or dolla?

I know a buttload about building small business websites and SEO, and even more about how to do it on a budget. Together we’ll build a great foundation for your growing business, so that you can spend more time making, creating and selling.


6. What do you want them to do next?

Let’s meet up for a coffee to chat about your small business. If you’re interested in a specific website design or SEO content project, drop me an enquiry via our contact page.


Boom. Done. Writing an killer About Page is not always awful, so just follow my super simple questions and stop yourself from falling into some pretty common and hella frustrating clichés.

Oh, and if you have a question about website design, SEO or content for a small creative business – you can ask unlimited questions in our Slack community for just £15 a month.


Write your About Page with a lovely cup of coffee and Ask Aime Anything


For more tidbits and a weekly-ish Instagram Stories Q&A, follow Studio Cotton 🙂

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