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Ongoing costs for your Studio Cotton website

Hosting, maintenance and more

Two easy pick packages for keeping your website online

It’s time to renew your website hosting & maintenance with Studio Cotton.

We’ve popped together two packages that bundle up your essential services, and those we recommend for a stable and healthy website. 

If you have any questions at all, pop a question over to the team and we’d love to help.

Just a note that none of our packages include your domain or business email, so make sure to keep those renewed with your current provider.

We will also notify you of any additional licenses your website may require, e.g. for ecommerce wholesale.

Host & Secure Package

This is the lowest-price package that can keep your website online, it’s all the basics that have you covered and protected from catastrophes.

*Subject to fair use, but so far none of our clients have come close to the limit 🙂 

**Not all Studio Cotton websites have all licenses, we can let you know which ones are relevant to your website. The package price does not change based on these licenses.

Maintain Package

This is the lowest price package that Aime would want. Designed to keep your website running as smoothly as possible, staying up to date and as reliable as possible.

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If you want to leave...

There’s no judgement or pressure from our side. If you’d prefer to move to an alternative supplier, just give us a heads up via email.

We will then take a back up of your website and database, and email you a link to a folder to download your files within 28 days.

We can also let you know of any technologies in active use that will require premium licenses, as well as links to their suppliers.

We are not able to help set up the website on any new hosting, and once we transfer the files – that’s the end of our journey together.

What happens to ghosts

If we don't hear from you...

We will send out at least 3 reminders and overdue emails regarding your website hosting. If we do not hear back from you – or agree an extension – we will move forward as if your service has been cancelled.

You website files and database will be emailed to you, and removed from our server after 28 days of non-payment.

This will result in your website being ‘down’ unless you have already found and prepared your own alternative supplier.

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