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I’m a content producer for a small business web design studio (this one right here), so it’s pretty much part of my job to consume content too. I love written media, images, videos – oh yeah, give all of that to me. Podcasts? Not really my area.

I feel like you’re either a dedicated podcast-listener, or you’re a little daunted by the podcast world and don’t know where to start. I am certainly a member of the latter, although I started to dip my toe (ear?) in again earlier this year – I’m giving being a podcast person another shot.

I love the idea of listening to podcasts, especially listening to a short, inspiring one at the start of my day, but I haven’t quite got into that habit yet. I have been listening to a podcast about cults when I go to sleep though – not sure how problematic that is. It’s called Let’s Talk About Sects, if you’re interested.

The problem is that nowadays, everyone and their dog has a podcast, and it’s hard to know which ones are worth listening to. You don’t want to start listening to a podcast which appears very swish and profesh, and end up actually getting terrible advice. That’s where recommendations come in very handy.

Lauren Coles from Charnwood’s Child (one of our Studio Cotton Clubhouse members) asked for recommendations for small business podcasts, and we thought you guys out there would find the answers pretty handy too.

Extra tip from Studio Cotton founder Aime: search Spotify for the names of small business content creators you like – it’ll reveal what podcasts they’ve been on, and there’s usually a few gems in there (here’s Aime’s).



1. Building your Brand with Liz Mosley

We really rate Liz Mosley. She’s a graphic designer whizz based just over the Severn Estuary in Cardiff. Specialising in branding, Liz helps small business owners to build a brand that they love and feel confident about promoting.

She’s got a decade of experience in branding and design, and invites other super knowledgeable guests (including our very own Aime – have a listen to E16: Why blogging is great for business, and Creating a website that converts) onto her small business podcast to chat about branding and marketing.


2. Digital Marketing Podcast by Exposure Ninja

Tim from digital marketing agency Exposure Ninja is joined by business owners, marketing masters and thought leaders to give you loads of advice on search engine optimisation, conversion, pay-per-click ads, websites and more.

Episodes include how to take multi-million pound companies’ strategies and make them work for your small business, as well as SEO tips, advice on the financial side of things, and digital marketing tidbits.



3. The Resilient Retail Game Plan with Catherine Erdly

Catherine of The Resilient Retail Club is full of so much business knowledge, and has an incredible Rolodex of experts too. This podcast breaks down the concepts and tools that she’s gained from 20 years in the retail industry, and shows you how to use them in your small business.

It’s a great small business podcast for anyone wanting to start, grow, or scale a product business, and guess what? Aime’s been on this one too – here’s her episode, The important role websites play for small businesses.


4. The Hammersley Brothers Ecommerce Podcast

The Hammersley Brothers are ecommerce experts, helping both new and established businesses to grow revenue. On their small business podcast, they talk about all sorts of ecommerce brands, as well as discussing really important topics like customer value, email marketing, Google Ads, copywriting and optimisation, amongst loads of other insightful stuff.



5. Let’s Talk Shop with Therese Ørtenblad

Therese runs Small Business Collaborative, and is a small business wholesale genius with her own podcast, aimed at small business owners and creative entrepreneurs who want to grow their wholesale.

With the help of guests, Therese shows you how buyers select new products, what it takes to make a product successful, how to build a long-standing relationship with a retailer and what you can do to stand out.


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6. The Business Proposal by Rachel Waring and Ellie Kime

A podcast hosted by two creative gals – Rachel Emma Waring is a wedding stylist turned strategist, and Ellie is a wedding industry copywriter who goes by the name The Wedding Enthusiast, so you can see where they came up with the name.

The Business Proposal is full of down to earth chats with other creatives about “all the things we face as small business owners.” They’re full of positivity and helpfulness, and they also have a library of resources.



7. Creative Slurp with Victoria Brown

Firstly, how cute is this branding? This podcast is for small business owners who need some “juicy creative business inspiration.”

Victoria Brown is a copywriter who aims to teach you skills to use in your business, and inspire you with the stories of other creatives. They talk about everything, like imposter syndrome, what to do when your business is struggling, and how to be better at writing.


8. The Fashion Brand Clinic by Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth Stiles is a fashion brand consultant, helping indie brands grow, bring their ideas to life and form a financially sustainable business. She’s been in the industry for over 15 years and has worked with some big names, so she really knows her stuff.

Her small business podcast does what it says on the tin, really. With the help of guests, Elizabeth opens up the fashion industry and all the varied roles that are within it. She also aims to “educate emerging fashion brands with industry information they can’t find online.” Great stuff.



9. Out of Ideas by Phoebe, Carmela and Holly

“A place to come when you’re out of ideas.” – Out of Ideas is a small business podcast that shines the light on working for yourself, discusses being a business owner and creating a career doing what you love, all from the point of view of 3 social media managers.

Phoebe is from Any/Day, a social media marketing studio, Carmela is from Studio Belvedere who do social media management, marketing and strategy, and Holly is from Nulla Content, social media management for sustainable brands.



Thank you to our Studio Cotton Clubhouse members, Lauren Coles from Charnwood’s Child for asking the question, and Jo McCarthy, Amy Collins from Rock Paper Swan/Ace + Wren, and El Hughes from Ruby Friday for their helpful answers.

If you’d like to join our club, head to the Studio Cotton Buy Me A Coffee profile and select the membership option to see all the details and to sign up.

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