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Sophie Carefull

Sophie Carefull

Imagery: Portraiture

I’m a Personal Branding Photographer for Purpose-Driven Creative Women, so I help brilliant female entrepreneurs shine online with soulful brand portraits.

There are a few reasons! I work for myself because traditional office jobs crushed my introvert soul (and I can’t stand being bossed around). I take photos because I can’t imagine ever not doing it. And I work with creative women because empowering them to show up as their true selves online, establish meaningful brands and grow thriving businesses makes me incredibly happy!

My dad has always been an avid photographer so I learnt tons from him growing up. I took A-Level photography and finally got to grips with manual mode thanks to learning to use a film camera and wasting a lot of money in the darkroom! My hobby carried on throughout uni studying languages and when I graduated I started shooting weddings for friends of friends (and then their friends) alongside my jobs in digital marketing. Once I took my photography full-time, I decided to focus solely on branding photography, which I love!

I can take your website and social media profiles from luke-warm to on-fire! Soulful portraits that reflect who you are and what you care about have the power to make people really feel something, and emotions drive decisions (like “Which coach should I hire? There are so many to pick from!”). I know you’re amazing at what you do, but can your prospective clients connect with you as soon as they land on your Instagram feed? I’ll help you make sure they can!

I measure a project’s success in the client’s happiness with the outcome.