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Author archive for Aime Cox-Tennant

  • Feb122018

    Chroma Stationery owner Gabi asks “How can I improve the SEO for my blog?” (Part One)

    What a great way to kick off our new Ask Aime Anything feature. I love discussing search engine optimisation or…

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  • Jan202018

    Free: Valentine’s Day 2018 Content Plan

      Tis the season to be romantic. Well, nearly. St Valentine’s Day’s is on the horizon, and a great opportunity…

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  • Jan192018

    Free Stock Photo Packs: Geneva

    Hey you, doesn’t it suck when you can’t find any good stock pics for a blog post? Or maybe you…

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  • Jan102018

    Jump-starting a brand new Instagram account

    I created a secret Instagram account, and tried to grow my followers with some tried and tested methods. Things didn’t go quite as expected.

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  • Jan032018

    Why Linktree just doesn’t make sense if you have your own website

    If you have a website, using Linktree could actually be harming your business. Is that really worth paying up to…

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  • Jan032018

    Here’s the equipment you need to take way better Instagram pics

    Here’s a list of equipment that will seriously up your brand’s Instagram pics for under ¬£35.

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  • Nov152017

    The easiest way to pick and use your brand keywords

    So you run a small business with a lovely website, and you’ve been reading up a little bit on how…

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  • Oct042017

    The flurry of ultra-cool indie businesses on North Street, between the Luckwell Road and Dean Lane/Cannon Street roundabouts

    Catchy headline, right? I write about what I know, and I know this small stretch of North Street on the…

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  • Oct022017

    Missions, laziness and how Studio Cotton uses social media.

    Create a more effective social media presence by playing to the strengths of each network. And stop cross-posting content (most of the time).

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  • Sep112017

    Exhibiting Commitment Issues: Are you failing to form a longterm relationship?

    I’m currently sat on a pink bench in the middle of Top Drawer AW17, an awesome exhibition with the best…

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