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Let’s talk brand boards.

The no.1 thing your small business needs to ensure your branding is consistent across ALLL the content you create is A MIGHTY BRAND BOARD.

This ties in the logos, palettes, typography, textures and photography style we’ve already mentioned and wraps it up with a neat little bow so that you can refer back to it whenever you’re not 100% certain if something fits with your brand identity. Brand boards are super helpful with consistency in your marketing and brand presentation. You’ll also be your designer’s favourite client with such organisational prowess.

There’s no rule on how a brand board should look, so we recommend finding a format that works for you. However, if you like the curated touch, there are hundreds of stunning free templates available online from top brand & marketing stylists, here’s a few of our picks:

You can also find some simple yet creative brand board templates on graphic-design-tool-for-non-graphic-designers, Canva, who have also wirtten a great article on 20 actionable tips to build a winning visual brand identity.

We’ve gone and made a lovely little template for you to curate your very own brand board – and here’s our twist – we’ve used PowerPoint. Why? Well, Aime freaking loves PowerPoint (the weirdo) but it’s also a technology that a lot us us are familiar thanks to secondary school ICT classes. We’ve also included a few of our fav client brand boards below for your inspiration.

Once you’re all done then print that baby off and tape it pride of place above your desk.

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