Meet the Studio Cotton team

Aime Cox

Founder of Studio Cotton
Started Spring 2016

Having graduated in 2008 with a degree in Applied Genetics, it was probably inevitable that Aime would end up running a web design company. After a short stint in retail management, Aime pivoted into the slightly more relevant field of healthcare marketing – and not-too-soon after dropped the ‘healthcare’ part.

Aime spent nearly a decade working at some of the top marketing agencies in the South West, with clients including Disney Store, Alfa Romeo and Danone. As a digital marketing and CRM specialist, she was pretty darn obsessed with tracking ideas through to their results, and tweaking and testing to optimise for commercial success.

Working on global brands may have allowed Aime to get heaps of experience and exposure to different areas of marketing – but it has always been small businesses that hold Aime’s heart.

That’s why when Aime founded Studio Cotton in 2016, she decided that’s the only kind of project Studio Cotton would ever work on. Since then, Aime’s helped hundreds of small business owners with website design, one-to-one consultations, workshops and events – plus thousands more through bitesize help from the Studio Cotton blog and Instagram profile.

Aime can help with...
Website strategy and planning
Making websites
SEO, UX & accessibility
Blogging & content
Workshops & training
Handpicked projects
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Night owl
Cook dinner
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Silly stuff about Aime

Open a business with unlimited money
A cute shop that sells premium Christmas baubles and sturdy bauble storage solutions or a contemporary garden water feature design brand.
Three films
When Harry Met Sally
Everything Everywhere All At Once
Three songs
Buddy (Willie Nelson)
Clean Up Your Eyes (The Dykeenies)
Zero (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Three games
More Bananagrams
Even more Bananagrams
Favourite crisp flavour
Prawn Cocktail
Favourite candle scent
Lavender and rosemary
Favourite coffee order
Favourite jumper colour
Biscuit beige
Favourite arcade machine
Pac-Man 2p machine
Favourite flower
Dahlia (Cafe au Lait)
Favourite mode of transport
Lazy river
Favourite non-sweary insult
Ya goob
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More members of Studio Cotton

Sophie Petherick
Freelance Assistant
Cai Burton
Client Manager
Alex Tennant
Technical Director
Content producer Lyzi wears an off-white jumper and smiles while looking at her laptop. Behind her are two pink doors.
Lyzi Unwin
Content Producer
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