Meet the Studio Cotton team

Alex Tennant

Technical Director
Started Spring 2017

Our technical director Alex officially joined Studio Cotton in January 2017, but he’s actually been here since day 1; previously occupying (and continuing to occupy) the role of founder Aime’s husband (and primary cheerleader).

By day, Alex is a software architect with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. Whilst Studio Cotton might technically be Alex’s side-hustle, he’s been instrumental in shaping how we approach our web creation projects and refining our technical systems to be, well, pretty darn baller.

Alex can code in many languages (even if Studio Cotton only needs him to use like 4 of those), and has a degree in something from the Open University. As well as his day job and Studio Cotton role, you’ll often find him coding away on personal game development projects.

Alex can help with...
Website hosting
Custom code
The boring stuff Aime avoids
HR & accounts
Technical stuff and bug fixes
Handpicked projects
Get to know Alex
Cat person
Dog person
Early bird
Night owl
Cook dinner
Eat out
City break
Seaside escape
Behind the scenes
Trust your gut
Do the research

Silly stuff about Alex

Open a business with unlimited money
A skateparcade. A skatepark and arcade all under one roof.
Three films
The Empire Strikes Back
Three songs
New Noise (The Refused)
Rooftops (Alkaline Trio)
Sabotage (Cancer Bats/Beastie Boys)
Three games
7 Wonders
Settlers of Catan
Terraforming Mars
Favourite crisp flavour
Hot & Spicy
Favourite candle scent
Favourite coffee order
Water (I'm not a coffee person)
Favourite jumper colour
Favourite arcade machine
Point Blank
Favourite flower
Favourite mode of transport
Favourite non-sweary insult
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