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  • Sep282018

    Welcome emails & ancient Greek hospitality

    They’re something we all get but never really talk about. Today we’re breaking the taboo and loading you with email…

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  • Sep212018

    Get your social media ‘on brand’

    I’m gonna help you get your visual content nailed by identifying some common sins you might be committing across your…

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  • Sep072018

    Brand Boarding + Freebie Template, for PowerPoint?!?!

    Get on top of your visual branding with a beautiful brand board. Download our free template and get creating your dream brand aesthetic. After spending a little time on your brand board; your Insta will be looking fly and your website will be sooo well coordinated.

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  • Sep062018

    Sort your brand’s visual style with a photography moodboard

    You’re bossing this small creative business branding. If you’ve been following along on our 30 days of 5-minute tips then…

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  • Sep052018

    Patterns & textures for brand identities

    Do you ever feel like your brand is just a little, well, flat? It’s my nightmare, and also without a…

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  • Sep032018

    Brand typography: how to pick what you need.

    Let’s talk about fonts baby, let’s talk about brand identity. Let’s talk about all the good fonts and the bad…

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  • Aug302018

    How to choose the right file type for your logo

    Does your website logo look pixelly, or your email logo is too darn big? Has Facebook turned your white background…

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  • Jul202018

    Nailing your brand colour palette with Coolors

    Define and refine your brand colour palette in seconds with Coolors. Complete with real life examples and multiple Jonathan Van Ness gifs.

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